Hip-hop artist Meek Mill might be planning to take another jab at Drake by releasing a track aimed at poking fun at the “Hotline Bling” rapper just around his birthday on Saturday. Drake’s video for “Hotline Bling” has received mixed reactions as many social media users have mocked him for his dance moves.

“Even though their feud has publicly ended for the most part, Meek still thinks Drake’s a little b---h,” a source told Hollywood Life, adding: “Meek has a good laugh with his friends and other rappers at Drake’s expense. I mean, just look at Drake. His face is one big joke and the way he dances – man, he lost all street cred with those wack 60’s moves. Meek really wants to let this feud end but he’s tempted to shade Drake real hard on his birthday tomorrow and crush him with an epic diss track. It would be the best present Meek could ever give Drake!

“He’s in the studio constantly and is really thinking about dropping something epic on Drake, but he keeps going back and forth in his head asking if himself if he really wants to ignite that fire again. Everybody is dissing Drake right now and Meek’s seriously thinking about getting in on the act,” the source added.

The feud between the two artists has been going on since July after Mill, who is currently dating Nicki Minaj, went on a Twitter rant asking his fans not to compare him to Drake. Mill had also claimed that Drake doesn’t write his own songs. While Drake initially did not react to Mill’s comments, he responded to his accusations through tracks like "Back To Back" and "Charged Up." Mill in turn, responded with the track “Wanna Know.”

During a concert in August, Drake had also told his fans that he had another song named “3 Peat” aimed at Mill. In September, Drake threw another shade at Mill after the crowd at his concert in Washington chanted “F--k Meek Mill.” The Canadian rapper reportedly responded to it by saying: “Don’t worry about it; he’s already dead!”