A beef between Drake and New York City radio station Hot 97 is brewing, and Drake appears to be the catalyst. 

During his Madison Square Garden show in New York last night, Drake shocked the crowd when he called out Funk Master Flex and Hot 97 in a freestyle and allegedly said, “F--- Hot 97.” But now, Hot 97’s Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg are firing back at Drake. Ebro started off the conversation by questioning reports that claimed Drake dissed the radio station.

“We’ve attempted since last night and this morning to find audio of Drake actually saying ‘F Hot 97,” said Ebro. “Haven't found that, and people that were there said it didn't happen like that.”

Darden and Rosenberg then spoke about Drake calling out Hot 97 DJ, Funk Flex, in a freestyle.

“I told them fire Funk Flex then I’ll come and do your show / Plus me and Kanye we just left out the studio / My first night in the Garden I’m feeling like D. Rose,” rapped Drake, but according to Ebro, that isn't news.

“We know Flex been going at Drake for how long?” asked Ebro.

Rosenberg then replied that Ebro had mentioned Drake wanting Funk Flex fired in the past. “Ebro said on the air that Drake said to him, ‘If y’all fire Funk Flex, I’ll come up there.’”

Ebro also revealed that he had no problem with a rapper voicing their disdain for the radio station because it’s happened before.

“Well, people have said ‘F Hot 97’ that is not a new thing. Lil Wayne wrote it in an album. So let’s be clear. Nas went on another radio station and helped them start a new brand to go at Hot 97,” he said. “So we’ve had these issues before, guys, this isn't nothing new. I'm enjoying it.” 

But while Ebro was fine with Drake calling out the radio station, he did take offense to Drake blaming the feud on Ebro’s joke about he and Eminem battling.

“Now, for Drake, you know and I know that the Eminem thing earlier this week was a joke. People took it out of context, ran with it, fine, you get on stage last night,” said Ebro. “But I don’t really think he's mad about that. I don't think that's an issue.”

According to Ebro, Drake needed to make a big impression in his first night in New York City and used Hot 97 for that. “He knew his opening night at MSG needed to mean something. He couldn't just come to town and just have, oh, it's another night,” Ebro added.

Although Ebro and Rosenberg didn't outright diss Drake back, Ebro did remind Drake that his “first big freestyle” was on Hot 97.

“His first big freestyle was here with us, reading off his BlackBerry. I brought him up here. He was outside the radio station,” said Ebro. “I was like, ‘Flex, you need to have this guy on right now.’ “Let's get right to it, that started right here.”