It’s been a year since the Drake and Meek Mill beef first kicked off but after slowing down for a few months, the feud has picked up steam again.

According to TMZ, after learning that Drake was going to perform in Philadelphia this month, Meek Mill’s camp put out phone calls to various nightclubs asking them not to allow Drake to host an after-party.

While it may have seemed like Drake reignited the beef when he called Meek Mill a “p----” during a Washington D.C. show on Aug. 20, it was Meek’s attempt to block Drake that got the “Controlla” rapper mad. After learning about Meek’s phone calls, Drizzy made sure to call out the “Dreams Worth More Than Money” rapper during his show Aug. 21 Philadelphia show by performing his diss track “Back To Back.”

As for Meek Mill’s attempted blockade, while it’s uncertain if the nightclubs listened, Drake did not stick around Philly to throw any parties. Although the nightclubs may have stopped Drake for partying in their city, Drake may have also left Philadelphia to avoid any problems with Meek Mill’s crew that approached him after his show. 

Following Drake’s Philly performance, members of Meek’s crew tried to “press” Drake as he was leaving the Wells Fargo Center concert venue, but according to a man who goes by “dline_back2new” on Instagram, Drake was under police protection.

“I’m letting ya’ll n----- know right now that we’re 100, 200 deep,” said the man on an Instagram  video. “We’re going to press this n--- Drake. He’s disrespectful … I’m letting ya’ll know ... DreamChasers ... ‘DC4’ on its way … This is what we do. This is what I do.”

In a separate video, a man can be heard saying, “You got the police guarding him, and he won’t come out. They close the gates, and he won’t come out. They closed the gates out and all of that … The feds are out and everything.”

Earlier this month, during an interview with My Mixtapez, Meek Mill said he never let Drake’s disses get to him. “I remember last year watching people, everybody going against me about a diss record.” 

“I remember looking at it like ‘Ya’ll really think this gon’ stop me? You think telling me I’m going on my girlfriend’s [Nicki Minaj] tour is going to stop me? Is that a joke?’ Last year in the position I was in, a lot of people was going with like a wave of like I was actually losing, but my life was good,” he said. “The Internet is kind of uncontrollable where people go with their own ways … It’s a world of cowards where people get behind a computer and type anything.”