Rapper Drake wants Justin Bieber to stop flirting around with his former, and now rumored to be his current, girlfriend Selena Gomez and commit to “The Heart Wants What It Wants” singer. Drake commented on an old picture shared by Bieber recently on Instagram, showing him and Gomez, saying that he was a fan of the couple being together.

“When Drake commented on social media, he wasn’t joking. He really did believe they stopped playing games and realized they’re made for each other. Maybe in due time they will realize that fact. And if they ever get married, Drake wants to be Justin’s best man,” a source told Hollywood Life Wednesday.

Bieber clarified on the social media outlet that the picture was just a “throwback” from their time together and asked his fans to “calm down.” While Gomez and Bieber’s fans were heartbroken, the "Hotline Bling" rapper commented on the picture saying: “Damn thought this was a Jelena current day flick.”

Another report by Hollywood Life on Thursday said that Gomez and Bieber are addicted to the “drama” that follows them.

"They don’t trust anyone as they know their celebrity is so big and they believe people have hidden agendas, which makes it hard to make new relationships. So this back and forth will continue and we shouldn’t expect any end in sight," a source told Hollywood Life, adding: "They both are addicted to the drama of it all."

The source also reportedly said: “They both want to keep a leash on each other and not let each other go, even though it would benefit them both immensely to go cold turkey with any future relationship and even their friendship.”

Bieber and Gomez were seen kissing and cuddling at a hotel before the American Music Awards.  He was also seen singing the song “My Girl” for Gomez, sparking rumors that the couple had got back together after breaking up in 2014. The couple has been on-again, off-again since 2011.