Director, producer and writer Nicolas Winding Refn has revealed he would be thrilled to direct Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame as Wonder Woman if he gets the opportunity to direct the movie.

Speaking at a red carpet event of his latest film Drive which has garnered rave reviews from critics and filmgoers alike, Refn emphasized the fact that to direct the Wonder Woman movie was his dream.

NBC failed to pick up David E Kelleys' Wonder Woman pilot this season but Warner Bros is in the process of developing a script about the comic book heroine. Refn with his much touted interest in making the film may be considered to direct the film.

Wonder Woman, I really want to make. That, I'm hoping, will be my $200 million extravaganza - if I even get close to it. That's why I say, Well, let me go make DRIVE [a thriller shooting soon with Ryan Gosling]. Let me start the ball rolling within the system, is what Refn said in an interview last year to

Questioned about how he would deal with a comic book brand movie, considering his genre was different and there was nothing subliminal in it, he answered, ...there is, because the real origin of Wonder Woman is: What if women were more powerful than men? What would the world be like? That's a subliminal theme.

Refn is known for his edgy, dark movies with an impressive body of work including, the Pushover series, Bronson, Fear X and now Drive. He is currently working with Warner Bros on a remake of Logan's Run.

Christina Hendricks, herself envisaged an interest in the role in an interview to Rachel Ray recently.

With both Justice League and Wonder Woman in the development stage one thing that comic book fans can be sure of is that they will get to see their super heroine soon on the celluloid. For such a big budget project, casting will not be an easy job though.