Perhaps you've seen the commercials with the secret spy dude trying to get his hands on the new Droid Razr, or the young men listening to his new Rezound with Beats Audio ear buds that literally blow things up as he walks past. Whether or not you've seen the commercials, you're interested in knowing which of these devices make a better gift, and we aim to help you. Both super phones are from Verizon, are 4G-enabled, run the Android system and cost $300 on contract. They're also both quite thin, have 4.3-inch displays and should get the Android 4.0 update in the next three months or so.

Additionally, Razr's super thin build and Rezound's Beats Audio integration are mostly hype. They are cool features, and the descriptions are not inaccurate, but both devices are much more than simply a great sounding phone and a super slim one. For example, both take excellent photos and have front and rear-facing cameras with eight megapixel sensors in back. They even both shoot 1080p resolution video, but Razr does a bit better in low-light conditions.

Rezound has a slightly faster processor, however, and the display resolution is excellent. Rezound has a higher pixel density than even the iPhone. It's an LCD display, but Droid Razr uses the Super AMOLED technology, so some people may prefer its bright colors and deep contrasts. They really are quite similar in many respects, so it might come down to which one will get the Android 4.0 update first or whether either one can be found on, for example, at a lower price. Google has issued no timetable for Android updates except to say the Samsung Galaxy line of mobile devices will get the update.

After that, it could be Motorola or HTC or LG. Motorola is in the process of getting bought out by Google, so perhaps the Droid Razr will get the update first. Once Google gives the okay on updates for a particular manufacturer, Verizon will get to decide which devices to roll out the update to. Just going by how much publicity the Razr has gotten, it's a good bet it will get the update first. Even more so than usual, it's a good idea to go to the Verizon store to try out the devices. Once you handle them, you might decide the Razr is perfect or you like the display on the Rezound better. Tell us in the comments if you're stuck on deciding which one to get.