A 30-year-old veteran nurse is facing investigation after recently dropping a newborn baby in a Uniontown, Pennsylvania, hospital, authorities said. The nurse reportedly had fallen asleep when she dropped the infant, named Eli. The fall resulted in a skull fracture for the child, authorities said.

A few hours after the incident, the baby was airlifted to UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, about 60 miles from Uniontown. According to Jacqueline Hunt, the mother of the child, the nurse was feeding and burping the baby at the time of the incident, but became “drowsy and fell asleep and dropped him,” reports the Inquisitr. “If she was tired, she should have known professionally not to pick up this child,” the mother said.

Hunt said she was unaware the baby had suffered any injuries, an hour after the accident. The baby spent the first few hours after the injury in a neck brace.

CBC News reports that the Uniontown hospital initially claimed the baby was not injured. The skull fracture wasn't discovered until after the child arrived in Pittsburgh.

“We are aware that testing revealed a minimally displaced skull fracture, but we also know that all indications point us to a full recovery,” said Josh Krysak of the Uniontown Hospital. He further said that even though an internal investigation is being conducted, there is no reason to believe that the drop was intentional. Also, the nurse has not been fired or placed on leave.

“We’re supporting the nurse completely, and we recognize her dedication to her job. There is absolutely no indication that there was any malice or intent involved,” he said.