A California interior designer converted a dumpster in Brooklyn, N.Y., into a fully-functioning apartment, and willingly lives there whenever he’s visiting the area.

Gregory Kloehn’s dumpster redesign project was featured on an HGTV series, entitled, “You Live In What?,” the Daily Mail reports. Kloehn, who usually lives in California, converted a $2,000 dumpster in Brooklyn, N.Y., into an apartment, complete with bathroom, bed, and various household appliances.

“It just hit me,” Kloehn told HGTV. “I thought, hey, this is the perfect shape for a home.”

Kloehn’s dumpster apartment is currently located in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood, the Daily Mail reports. However, the California designer has made certain that transporting his new home won’t be a problem. He attached wheels to the bottom of the $2,000 commercial dumpster to make it easier to move, and even added a side door to make the contraption easier to access.

“I think [people] are just surprised that someone would take something like this and spend enough time to make it a home,” Kloehn told HGTV.

The dumpster apartment may be unconventional, but it has all the trappings of the average Brooklyn apartment. Kloehn has installed a six-gallon water jug to the roof of the dumpster to meet with his hydration needs, the Daily Mail notes. The same water is also used in the dumpster’s small toilet, serves as the source of Kloehn’s outdoor shower.

Despite Kloehn’s enthusiasm, constructing the interior of the dumpster apartment was no easy task. Over a six-month period, the designer added insulation, a sleeping area, and a small kitchen with a microwave and small stove, the HGTV special revealed. While the dumpster has electricity, Kloehn has also installed a retractable roof and windows to provide his tiny apartment with extra sunlight.