It's his party and he'll cry if he wants to...from the bench. UNC receiver Dwight Jones was ruled ineligible to play his last game of the season after word spread he was promoting his birthday party, the 1st Annual Dwight Jones New Years Birthday Celebration, on flyers, violating NCAA rules.

The party, to take place in his hometown Burlington on New Year's Eve, was advertised on a flyer with Jones' name and image wearing a UNC uniform. The flyer also promoted free admission to the first 24 ladies free, 24 free shots every hour on the hour and a $500 cash giveaway for some lucky ladies in the building.

Following discovery of the flier which asks guests to come out & celebrate with our future star before off to camp & all work no play, North Carolina ruled Jones ineligible to play in the Dec. 26 bowl game.

NCAA rules prohibit college athletes from using their name or image, let along with college logos, on any off-campus event for profit.

The first annual soiree won't happen though, as senior wide receiver Jones reportedly cancelled the event after committing a secondary violation with the NCAA.

I apologize to my teammates, the coaching staff, and the university for the poor decision I made to allow my likeness to be used in the promotion of a party given by a family member while still a part of the Carolina football team, Jones said in a statement. I should have asked the coaching staff or administration before allowing this to happen.

Jones is reportedly in the process to regain eligibility to play in the game with help from North Carolina.

Coach [Everett] Withers and I met, and Dwight realizes he made a mistake, UNC athletics director Bubba Cunningham said in a statement. Dwight has cancelled the party and we have submitted a reinstatement request with the NCAA.

Dwight Jones is listed in the top 10 wide receivers in the 2012 draft class on, which explains why the party flyer calls Jones a 2012 NFL Projected Top Draft Pick.