Electronic Arts unveiled Madden NFL '13, among other offerings, at a pre-E3 news conference in Los Angeles Monday. The game will feature a new engine and add a slew of social features.

The presentation opened with the new trailer for Dead Space 3, which takes a turn from previous titles with the integration of co-op gameplay. The graphics are intense as gamers head to a new icy planet with even bigger monsters, as the footage showed.

Studio Visceral Games vowed to take players on the most immersive, spine-tingling adventure yet, with Dead Space 3, highlighting the drop-in and drop-out co-op feature. As the demo progresses, there is a lot of dialogue between the Isaac character and his companion as they battle aliens on the snowy frontier. The two continue to shoot at a giant steel structure, seemingly made of blades, until they defeat the enormous metal mass. Once the two players reach outdoors, we see our shooter taking cover during battle. A gargantuan dragon-like creature bursts out of the snow, with the two players putting up a fight before being swallowed by the monster and dragged through the snow.

Now, we're inside the monster, seeing nothing but slimy darkness with a green overlay. This is where the demo leaves us, with a Dead Space 3 release date for February 2013 announced at the end.

After the trailer and demo were met with applause, it wasn't long before the new Madden title took the spotlight. Cam Weber, GM of the American Football League, gave audience members some insight as to what they can expect from Madden NFL '13.

Every impact is more intense, every battle is more realistic, he told the audience, describing the game as the most authentic gameplay we've ever created.

Madden NFL '13 will run on the new Infinity Engine, which considers a player's mass, speed and momentum when determining the outcome of a collision. And pre-determined outcomes are history, according to Webber, who explains that players will be able to regain their balance after contact, allowing them to run for a few more yards.

There is also a new Connected Careers mode that lets players experience the steps on the road to stardom. Players have their choice of creating a league with up to 32 players, and act as a coach, or even John Madden himself. This adds a role-playing element to Madden, as players strive to raise their legacy score to make it to the Hall of Fame. Gamers can retire and create a new character to start all over again whenever they wish.

Climbing the mountain is one thing, said Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin at the keynote. But residing on the top of the mountain is another, and that's what Hall-of-Famers are made of.

One of the most intriguing aspects is the new story engine and virtual Twitter feed made to capture your career highlights. Players can manage these aspects on their mobile devices and post their accomplishments to Facebook.

Next Lucy Bradshaw of Maxis took the stage to reveal the new Sim City social game coming to Facebook. Players will be able to create their own city while playing and interacting with friends on Facebook.

This is the best city-building experience you're going to find on Facebook, she told the audience.

But that wasn't the only surprise; there will also be a new Sim City title coming to PCs in the near future. With a new GlassBox simulation engine, this is the first multiplayer game in the series. The choices players make affect not only their own cities, but the cities built next to them as well.

After the Sim City announcement came DICE's unveil of the new Battlefield 3 package.

We're listening to our fans and giving them even more content, said Patrick Bach of DICE.

With Battlefield 3 Premium, fans will be able to purchase 20 new maps and new downloadable content packages, among other bonuses. The new expansions include Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game. These will be made available over the next nine months, and fans that purchase the $49.99 package today will be able to being playing Close Quarters immediately for PlayStation 3 and next week on Xbox.  

BioWare also took the stage to talk about new content expansions for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which will come in just six months. A demo was showcased for Medal of Honor: Warfighter as well, and a new multiplayer mode known as Global Warfighters was introduced.

Other highlights include a new UFC trailer which showcased some live-action fighting, and more. Be sure to check out the rest of the E3 conference, which officially kicks off Tuesday in Los Angeles.