E3 2013 has come and gone. Prior to the beginning of the proceedings, we put out a list of three games we wanted to see announced. Unfortunately, none of the wishes on our list got fulfilled (through Retro Studios miiight do a Metroid game after they're done monkeying around with Donkey Kong). Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that none of the games we hoped for will ever see the light of day. After all, there's always E3 2014.

You might say "E3 2014?! How can you be thinking about E3 2014 when E3 2013 just ended!? Are you mad?! Are you insane?! Are you hopelessly friend and date-less?!?" Well, we..uhh..hey, look over there! :: runs ::

Anyway, whether you like it or not, here are five games we want, no, need to see at E3 2014. You could be saying "Surely you can't be serious." We are serious. And don't call us Shirley.

1. "Half Life 3"

Sigh. Year after year goes by without any acknowledgement of "Half Life 3" from Valve, though that doesn't mean that the prospect of another Gordon Freeman adventure will fade from our memories anytime soon. It's been almost six years since "Half Life 2: Episode 2." Make it happen already.

2. "Left for Dead 3"

As we stated in our pre-E3 list, we'd accept "Left for Dead 3" as a consolation prize, though considering the gap of time between the last "Half Life" and "Left for Dead" releases and now, it wouldn't be unreasonable to want both. In the interim, you can play fan-made "Left for Dead" maps by downloading them from l4dmaps.com.

3. "Age of Empires 4"

Longtime "Age of Empires" developer Ensemble Studios is now defunct, but that doesn't mean that Microsoft can't just assign "Age of Empires 4" to another outfit. Making a worthy "Age of Empires" sequel would be a herculean task for any studio, let alone Ensemble themselves. Nevertheless, "Age of Empires 4" needs to be made. With Microsoft no longer supporting "Age of Empires Online" as of this past January, "Age of Empires 4" would be plowing a ripe field. That's one way Microsoft can make gamers smile with all of the on-going Xbox One, used games and DRM hoopla surrounding the Redmond-based firm.

4. F.E.A.R. 4

We can't get enough horror, even with "The Last of Us" on the market and "The Evil Within" slated for next year. The "F.E.A.R. 3" ending brings finality to the series, but a crafty storyteller can always find or create a loophole to keep the tale going. We'd even be fine with a reboot. The original F.E.A.R. on a modern graphics engine would be sick, though we'd like to off a larger variety of foes instead of just standard Replica troops and the occasional mech.

5. "Command & Conquer" reboot

Talk about a legendary series that had a less-than-stellar exit. "Command & Conquer" played a massive role in sparking the RTS revolution way back in 1995. Fast forward to 2010's disappointing "Command & Conquer 4," which left a bad taste in the mouths of many, including us. We'd love to see a retelling of the C&C story, though we wonder whether Joseph Kucan (the actor who played Kane throughout the series) could be coaxed back into playing the role once again. No "Red Alert," no "Generals." Make it a Tiberium-based game, because that's the story that skyrocketed the series into initial stardom and gained legions of fans.

At least one of these games better appear at E3 2014. Or else. We'll scream. Like this.

Which of the above games would you like to see at E3 2014? Are there any missing from this list? If so, which ones? Sound off in the comments below.