Without any prior announcement, publisher Electronic Arts (EA) pulled a dozen mobile games from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The move comes as a huge surprise, as many mobile players felt that the games EA made for tablets and smartphones were very high-quality titles, so it will be a shame to see most of them go.

Some of the quality titles that were removed include “Bejeweled 2,” “Burnout Crash,” “Dead Space,” “Flight Control,” “Mass Effect Infiltrator” and “Real Racing,” among other titles. “Flight Control” and “Real Racing,” in particular, were both considered Godsends for mobile devices, as they established smartphones and tablets as legitimate game platforms, according to Destructoid.

Making this move even more disappointing is fans were not even able to prepare since no announcement was made to the public. What is worse, according to Touch Arcade, is the fact that these games were not even given a proper send-off despite the fact that most of them were of high quality and have gotten positive reviews.

There are still some mobile games that EA are supporting, though. “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” and “EA Sports UFC Mobile” can still be downloaded with no problems whatsoever. Both titles have been regularly updated by EA and it does not seem like that will change anytime soon.

Reports state that the reason EA removed these games is probably the iOS 9 update that hits Apple devices next week. Since the games have not been making too much money for the company, it would reportedly seem like a waste to update and tweak the titles, so EA just removed them instead.

This is not the first time a major gaming company has removed a majority of its mobile titles. Sega and Konami had also recently removed most of their games from mobile stores, possibly for the same reason EA did it.

Whether the games come back in some shape or form hasn’t been revealed yet. Only those that have downloaded the game previously can still purchase them, while others will never get the chance to play these mobile titles.

Dead Space Official Trailer - iPhone & iPad (Credit: YouTube/EA Mobile Games)