Wichita, Kan.-based EagleMed, a medical transport company, is under scrutiny after a helicopter crashed near Talihina, Okla., on Tuesday night, killing one person and critically injuring another.

The crash, which is the third for EagleMed in as many years, is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Eileen Frazer, executive director of the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, pointed out that the company’s accreditation will soon be reviewed. "We will look for trends, especially in this unusual circumstance,” Frazer told Associated Press.

Tuesday’s incident, which occurred while the chopper was taking off from the Choctaw Nation Health Care Center near Talihina, comes less than four months after another EagleMed helicopter went down near Oklahoma.

The latest crash resulted in the death of a patient who was being transported to a medical facility in Tulsa, Janet Sharp, spokeswoman for the healthcare center, told AP. But, it is uncertain if the patient died due to the crash or from a medical condition, Sharp added.

Two other crew members suffered minor injuries and the flight nurse is said to be in serious condition, KFOR news channel reported.

"Currently, EagleMed is working with the NTSB and FAA, we’re helping them with their investigation by providing the information they need from us,” EagleMed spokesperson Robbie Copeland told AP. 

On Feb. 22, 2013, an EagleMed helicopter crashed outside an Oklahoma City nursing home, resulting in the death of two people onboard and critically injuring another. Another helicopter crashed in 2010 into a field near Kingfisher, Okla., killing the pilot and nurse. The paramedic onboard was critically injured.