Peeps are no ordinary marshmallows. Shaped and colored into bunnies, chicks and other cute animals, they are wildly popular during holidays like Easter, when they can be eaten solo or added to creative recipes. Below are eight easy recipes that make the most of these colorful, festive sweets.

1. Craft an edible diorama with this Easter bunny dirt cake, complete with shredded coconut, dyed green for grass and spruced up with candy eggs and bunny Peeps on top of a rich layer of crushed Oreos and chocolate pudding.


2. A similar alternative is this Easter Garden Cake, which features adorable bunnies amid “carrots” (orange icing) growing in the garden—perfect for Easter Sunday dessert.


3. Peeps Cookie Bars: These bars are filled with “confetti” (sprinkles) and have a smooth, rich icing that includes white chocolate chips, beneath a colorful array of edible bunnies on the top--just what hungry kids want after a long Easter egg hunt.


4. If you love chocolate, try this candy bar. It’s more or less a brownie, but it's more festive and colorful and decorated with Peeps.

5. Making Peeps Jello shot eggs is so much more fun – and productive – than dyeing eggs, right? Use the peeps to color the Jello, before pouring into egg molds and letting them cool. For kids, juice can be substituted for the alcohol.

6. For shots that are slightly simpler, try this bunny Peeps shot—it’s up to you whether you take the shot first, or eat the bunny.

7. For a drink that’s a little bit more classy, but still fun, upgrade your Sunday cocktail to a Peep-tini, a glorified martini with a chick or rabbit hugging the rim of your glass.

8. And for those who want to enjoy their Peeps the old-fashioned way, there's nothing quite like a peanut butter and Peeps fluffernutter sandwich.