Easter falls on April 20 this year, but some refer to the 20th day in April as 4/20 instead. It’s a pseudo-holiday that has absolutely nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but does involve bringing participants to a higher level.

High Times refers to 4/20 as the "high holiday." The number 420 has long been associated with marijuana, for obscure reasons, and April 20 has become the national day to smoke pot, but this year the festivities might get complicated as it lands on the most important Christian holiday.

Some commented that no matter when the holiday fell, they weren’t going to let the Easter Bunny ruin it.

Others found it comical that the two dates intersected.

But not everyone was happy about the April holidays crossing.

Jokes aside, one of commenters' favorite things to do was share memes about the two spring festivals falling on the same day.

For some lucky stoners, this year’s egg hunt might involved a special treat inside each plastic egg.

Some quipped the Easter Bunny would be participating on 4/20 this year.

This isn’t the first hybrid holiday to come along recently. Thanksgiving 2013 collided with Hannukah to create Thanksgivukkah, and though it might be blasphemous, some couldn’t help but thank Jesus Christ for being able to smoke weed this Easter.

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