Film critic Roger Ebert said sorry for a tweet he sent out Monday after the death of Jackass personality Ryan Dunn. Ebert, 69, had tweeted: Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive.

On Tuesday, Ebert offered condolences to Dunn's and Zachary Hartwell's family and friends. It is tragic to lose a loved one, Ebert wrote on his blog Tuesday. I regret that my tweet about the event was considered cruel. It was not intended as cruel. It was intended as true.

Ebert said that he couldn't have known if Ryan Dunn was drunk or not. What I knew before posting my tweet was that not long before his death, he posted a photo on Tumblr showing himself drinking with two friends, he said.

Ebert's obnoxious tweet hadn't gone down well with Dunn's friends, including his Jackass mate Bam Margera.