LONDON - The European Commission has asked for more information from the government for its probe into state aid for bank Northern Rock.

Northern Rock said on Friday the request was common in investigations of this type and that it was working with the UK government to get the information required.

It did not say what the extra information was.

We are confident that our plan offers the best way forward, meets all State Aid requirements and offers significant benefit for consumers and value for taxpayers as we position Northern Rock for a return to private ownership, Northern Rock Chief Executive Gary Hoffman said in a statement.

The commission had been expected to deliver an initial verdict on the aid for Northern Rock last week.

Northern Rock became the first major British casualty of the credit crunch in September 2007 after rising wholesale borrowing costs left it unable to fund itself.

The bank was nationalised in early 2008 after efforts to find a private sector buyer fell through.

The rescue is being assessed by commission to see if it complies with its rules on state aid.

The Commission said on May 7 it was extending the scope of its investigation.

(Reporting by Mark Potter; Editing by Mariam Karouny and Andrew Macdonald)