Ed Sheeran’s wax double was unveiled Thursday at Madame Tussauds Time Square in New York City -- and the musician was pleased with how his wax twin turned out. The "Thinking Out Loud" singer didn’t waste any time meeting his lookalike, reports E! News.

Sheeran’s wax figure sports a green and black checkered shirt and is holding a replica of the singer’s signature guitar. The musician also seemed impressed with a specific feature of his "twin.": "Met my waxwork at Madame Tussaud, he didn't say much but he's got a bulge so it's all good."   

His fans seem to like the figure as well. "Oh my gosh I must go to this museum! u re so funny ily ed," one fan wrote online. Another shared: "Thought you were the one in the front for a second lmao." A third posted: "crazy how much this looks like him."

To create his wax double, Sheeran had to wear skintight shorts and a vest, while he got measured and prodded for three hours to ensure the final piece is an exact double of the singer, states Channel 24 today.

While speaking at the unveiling at Madame Tussauds, the 24-year-old musician shared that his parents finding the wax figure will be odd. “I'm excited for my parents to see it. I think it'll be quite weird for me but I think for my parents to see what they created."

Also Thursday, Sheeran played a two-hour show at the Forrest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens, New York. The New York Daily News reported that Sheeran took a Jimmy Fallon-esque approach, aiming to please his audience, and willing to do anything to achieve that goal. Sheeran even mentioned it during his intro, saying, “My job for the next two hours is to entertain you."