CBS has picked up the pilot of "Beverly Hills Cop," a TV comedy to be based on the Eddie Murphy film franchise of the same name. The Daily Mail reports that Murphy will appear in at least the initial episode as Axel Foley, the character that migh tbe the most responsible for his fame today. But Eddie Murphy, now 51, won't be the star of the show, and the Internet has been rife with rumors over who could play Foley's son.

"Beverly Hills Cop" the TV show will be about Aaron Foley, Axel Foley's son. In the 1980s movies, Axel Foley (Murphy) worked as a detective in Detroit. Foley's son will be a detective who struggles to get out from his dad's shadow and work in Beverly Hills.

Besides Murphy, no other casting decisions have been made, but perhaps the most obvious pick to play Aaron Foley would be Jay Pharoah, a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" who might be best known for his impersonation of Murphy, which you can watch below. The Daily Mail reported that "SNL" boss Lorne Michaels would be furious to see Pharoah leave the show because of his star performances during his 2010 run.

Donald Glover might be the most popular choice to play Eddie Murphy's son. Glover has paid his comedy dues by starring on NBC's "Community" along with writing for the criticially beloved "30 Rock," starring Tina Fey. Glover has also shown he can do a variety of things by rapping under his Childish Gambino persona and starring in "Mystery Team."

He's set to appear alongside "Parks And Recreation" star Aubrey Plaza in the upcoming "The To-Do List," which might mean Glover's schedule is a bit too busy to fit in another full-time role on a sitcom. Glover also released his first full hour of standup comedy this year, titled "Weirdo."

A dark horse pick to play Aaron Foley might be Keegan-Michael Key, one of the stars of Comedy Central's sketch show "Key and Peele." Key played a police officer on "MAD TV," appearing in a sketch as a cop who falls in love with a woman he pulls over for a traffic stop. You can watch that skit by clicking here.

Along with appearing on "MAD TV" for six seasons, Key appeared on the Comedy Central show "Reno! 911" and "Gary Unmarried." According to IMDB, he also was a member of the Second City comedy troupe, a farm team of sorts for the producers of "Saturday Night Live."

For fans, it's good news that Murphy has been tapped to play Axel Foley in the CBS pilot. Just last week, the comedy superstar was rumored to have been killed in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland, a rumor that persisted on the Internet for a number of days.