The tail end of E3 is approaching, but that doesn't mean there isn't more to be seen when it comes to the future of the video game industry. One of the most anticipated gaming titles to launch in the next year is ZeniMax/Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls Online, which takes the acclaimed RPG series and brings it to the massive multiplayer online genre.

Some fans of the Elder Scrolls series may see this with a skeptical eye, since the upcoming game doesn't seem to resemble the other games in the series. However, when speaking to Joystiq, Matt Firor game some assurance that the studio is working hard to maintain the style and feel of previous Elder Scrolls games.

The MMO version will keep the time-honored resources of health, magicka and stamina that has defined the series thus far, according to Joystiq. Players will also be able to perform actions such as sneaking, blocking and sprinting regardless of character class. In terms of combat, the studio is also striving to upkeep the action RPG feel to help the game assimilate with its predecessors.

The Elder Scrolls Online will place a huge emphasis on freedom and flexibility within the game, and will not limit players based on their character class as some other MMOs have. Firor told Joysqtiq that their aim is to ensure that no fan is ever excluded from content.

During the game's presentation, Joystiq's Matt Daniel was able to gain some insight as to what the gameplay will actually entail. In a questline involving the Mage's Guild, a werewolf had been stirring trouble in a nearby township. A band of ghostly warriors had allegedly killed the werewolf years ago, and seek to teach the player the secret to take the werewolf down.

When transported into the past, the player must choose whether or not to save a warrior in danger. A new line of quests from a present-day descendant of the warrior is in store if the player chooses to do so. Firor added that if the player chooses not to save the warrior, the ending of the scenario will play out differently. Once the player realizes that the secret to slaying werewolves is fire, the creature is defeated for good.

This is where the combat demo leaves off, but there are still other insightful elements that were revealed at E3. . One of the bonuses to one massively cohesive Elder Scrolls release is that players are sure to find all of their favorite locations in one game.

If you've ever played an 'Elder Scrolls' game before, you probably have a soft spot for some iconic swath of Tamriel geography, writes Alex Wawro of PCWorld.

From the snow-covered Skyrim mountains to the ash-covered Morrowind, exploring the open worlds is one of the most alluring features of the game. The Elder Scrolls Online contains all of these locations in one map, ensuring that players will have a ton of exploring to do. During a demo, PCWorld saw Morrowind's Red Mountain, the Redguard capital of Hammerfell, ancient Dwemer fortresses and more.

Although each player is able to create his or her own unique character, the beginning of the story starts at the same place for everyone. Daedric Prince Molag Bal steals the character's soul, placing a curse of immortality on the player until he or she takes it back.

An interesting addition to the upcoming Elder Scrolls game is the increasing role of dialogue. In The Elder Scrolls Online, characters will have a voice, as PCWorld notes. Major non-playable characters are given substantial amounts of dialogue, although the player's character remains silent. It is unclear whether or not all dialogue will be spoken, but the primary characters should have recognizable voice actors.

This isn't the first MMORPG to incorporate voice acting, but as Wawro writes, it does make the game appear more vibrant and alive. As the release date for The Elder Scrolls Online draws near, the studio is sure to give fans even more insight. But for now, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Skyrim downloadable content expansion, Dawnguard, which could be seeing a June 26th launch.