The world of Skyrim will make its way to the to the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) realm, which Bethesda Softworks officially announced on Thursday, May 3rd. Known as Elder Scrolls Online, the company has referred to it as the best MMO ever made.

But fans aren't the only ones rallying excitement for Bethesda's new online venture. Creative Director of Elder Scrolls Online Paul Sage told Game Informer that he has been a longtime fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise, and working on this title is a dream job. Sage has experience 'exhaustively' playing previous titles such as Oblivion and Fallout, he told the gaming magazine.

I think for me the big thing about Elder Scrolls is I get to explore this world and I have this distraction based gameplay, which is one of the things I love the most, he said. You absolutely get the same experience of the world with that distraction based gameplay where you get to control your own destiny. And you get to control the world.

Sage went on to explain the heroic theme of Elder Scrolls can be translated from the RPG genre to the MMO world, and even extends the experience.

It just gives us more opportunity to make you the hero, he said.

He further explained that the MMO aspect allows players to think of the term hero in various gameplay aspects, not just referring to the main campaign. If a player heals a nearby friend or stranger playing online that is close to death, that person can be viewed as a hero.

 I think that's a big thing for people, he said to Game Informer. It really reinforces that social bond. You get to be kind of like a hero even amongst your friends, and that social bond and that social story really provides the magic in what we do.

Just one day after the new MMO was announced, a trailer had been released to tease fans about the upcoming release. The video clip showed a high-definition clip of twisting metal dragons, with a narrator telling the audience about Tamriel a millennium before Skyrim.

It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years, Matt Firor, the game's director told Game Informer when the trailer was unveiled.

Screenshots from the game have also been recently released, with 17 captivating images for fans to ponder while waiting for more details.

Check out Game Informer's full interview with Paul Sage below.