Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has decided to forgo his presidential ambitions and will announce plans to drop out of the 2016 race Monday evening, the New York Times reported. Walker called a news conference in Madison, Wisconsin, for 6 p.m. EDT.

The Republican candidate has been sinking in the polls since the first GOP debate in August. Before the Fox News debate, Walker had 10 percent of Republican voter support in a New York Times/CBS poll, but that fell to 2 percent last week.

Pundits criticized Walker's performance at the Wednesday debate, saying he failed to revitalize his campaign. "Walker did need a strong performance, and he didn’t get it. He often seemed befuddled, didn’t offer many memorable answers, and -- perhaps most damningly -- seemed to totally vanish from the stage for long periods of time during the debate. Leaving the debate Wednesday, the Walker campaign will have to look for another moment on which to pin its hopes for a turnaround," The Atlantic wrote Wednesday.

If Walker drops out Monday, he will be the second GOP candidate to do so this season. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry called it quits Sept. 11 after 100 days in the race.