While the United States presidential election is still a year away, Tuesday is Election Day 2015, and with it comes a handful of important votes. Along with electing local leaders, voters across the country are set to decide on issues such as legalizing marijuana, restricting Airbnb-style rentals and whether or not to keep a law aimed at protecting transgender people from discrimination. Read below for a quick look at some of five votes headlining Election Day 2015:

Ohio to legalize? Voters in the Buckeye State will decide on a constitutional amendment Tuesday that would legalize both medical and recreational marijuana in one fell swoop. But it's different than a typical legalization effort. The system set out by the group behind the initiative, ResponsibleOhio, would allocate the only 10 marijuana growing licenses to investor groups that put up $2 million to fund the legalization efforts. Investors include big names like Hall of Fame NBA Player Oscar Robertson, NFL player Frostee Rucker, two great-great-grand-nephews of President William Howard Taft and former boy-band singer Nick Lachey.

Some marijuana advocates have thrown their support behind the group, while others have bristled at the new system that opponents have argued would create an oligopoly atop a lucrative legal pot business. As of the latest poll, the support and opposition are in a dead heat. Further complicating the matter, lawmakers have proposed an additional amendment that, should it pass, would essentially void the amendment that would make marijuana legal in Ohio. Should both pass, a legal battle could ensue.

LGBT vote in Houston: Voters in Houston will decide on an ordinance called the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which is aimed at preventing discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity. It prevents employers, contractors, housing groups and public accommodations from discriminating against someone because of the person's sexual orientation and gender as well as sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, genetic information, military status, family or marital status, according to previous International Business Times reporting. But critics have suggested they're worried men simply dressed as women could enter female bathrooms. 

Airbnb in San Francisco: Activists in San Francisco hope to place limits on Airbnb-style short-term rentals, requiring the spaces be listed for no more than 75 days per year. Airbnb has bankrolled an expensive ad campaign pleading with locals to vote "No" on the measure called Proposition F.

Seattle campaign finance reform: On the ballot in Seattle is an initiative that would allocate each citizen with four "Democracy Vouchers" per citywide election. Each voucher would be worth $25, which voters could distribute among their preferred campaigns. The program would be funded by a raise in property taxes.

Kentucky Governor race: Republican candidate Matt Bevin is a millionaire investor and political outsider barely trailing behind Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway for the open seat. Hinting at the 2016 presidential election that features outsiders Ben Carson and Donald Trump atop the GOP polls, the Washington Post called the Kentucky gubernatorial election "a microcosm of what's happening on the national level."