A 41-year old woman was tragically crushed to death in a horrific elevator accident in a Midtown Manhattan office building on Wednesday morning.

Suzanne Hart, an employee at Young & Rubicam Brands at 285 Madison Avenue, was tragically killed at approximately 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning after an elevator malfunction.

The New York Post first reported that Hart was pinned between two floors while riding the elevator and was crushed to death. She allegedly had taken a step halfway inside the elevator car, but the elevator began to ascend with its doors still open.

She was then tragically trapped between the building's first and second floors.

We heard banging and screaming, John Hanna, the manager of the Riflessi clothing store inside the building, told The Wall Street Journal.  People came out and were saying a lady got crushed in the elevator.

A representative for Transel Elevator, which services the 13 elevators inside the 26-story building, told WSJ that it would be premature to make any comment other than we recognize this as tragic incident and our hearts go out to those involved.

Two other persons were inside the elevator, but suffered only mild injuries. It is still unclear what caused the elevator to malfunction.