is reporting that Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry will be auctioned at Christie's sometime in the future.

Taylor's jewel collection is estimated to be worth approximately $150 million.

Peter Sedghi, Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills President/CEO said that what makes Taylor's collection so special is the quality. Sedghi worked with Taylor on her House of Taylor Jewelry line.

She had the most amazing eye, he told People. To be honest, she knew more than I did [about jewelry]. When you would see her stones, she would tell you the origin, if it's good quality, bad quality, where it came from.

Sedghi said that while Taylor loved all jewelry, she had a soft spot for diamonds.

She had a collection like I've never seen before, and she knew exactly what everyone was - what the diamonds were, the quality. But it was more for her; it was ... the history behind it. A lot of them had sentimental value.

Lorraine Schwartz, a friend of Taylor's and a celebrity jeweler, said The studios, in order to maker her happy, they'd always give her jewelry. So she grew up collecting it. People always have her gifts ... it was something that she learned to love. She had collection and collections, and rooms. She knew where every single piece was. It was amazing.