Comedienne and TV host Ellen Degeneres dressed up as the youngest Kardashian sister for Halloween. However, she didn’t dress up as Kylie Jenner. Instead, she decided to create her own fictional Kardashian and called her Kara.

In the Oct. 30 episode of her talk show “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Ellen opened with a skit showing of her “Kara Kardashian” costume. She explains that she’s the youngest of the brood and she’s wearing some hand-me-downs from her famous sisters. [scroll down for video]

She explains that her leopard-print blouse was once owned by Khloe, while her Skechers shape-ups are from Kim. Leopard prints have showed up in some designs released by Kardashian Kollection, a fashion label developed by the Kardashian sisters. Kim has also appeared in a Skechers TV commercial some years ago.

As seen in the show’s opening spiel, Ellen shared a creatively edited version of the latest teaser for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” She inserted images of herself dressed as Kara, into the trailer.

The costume is complete with long raven hair, a signature look of the Kardashian family. She also opens up her blouse to reveal a fake massive cleavage. The Kardashian look won’t be complete without an impressive booty, and Ellen didn’t disappoint.

Apart from Ellen, Kelly Ripa also took some Kardashian inspiration for her show’s Halloween special. The “Live! With Kelly and Michael” host recreated Kim’s infamous internet-breaking Paper Magazine cover, and used it as one of her Halloween looks.