The man who changed rock and roll forever, Elvis Presley, would have turned 75 years old today had he not passed away in 1977.

In celebration, his former wife Priscilla Presley and daughter Lisa Marie Presley, attended Elvis' 75th birthday party celebration for free cake and coffee at Graceland Plaza in Memphis.

Priscilla says that if Elvis Presley was still alive today, he would most like be singing and she reckons he may even be a preacher.

“I think Elvis would always be a part of music, no matter what,” Priscilla Presley told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Friday from the King’s Graceland home in Memphis.

“It was in his blood. I don’t know if he’d be doing rock ’n’ roll right now; I think that maybe he’d be going into gospel. Maybe even preaching a little bit. He loved to teach and loved the Bible. He always would have been dedicated to his music, that’s for sure.

“He gave us so much, with his movies, with his concerts, with his touring,” Priscilla added.

“I can’t see him ever stopping that. That’s truly who he was. He was born to be the entertainer that he was. I can’t imagine life without him being larger than life. He lived a larger-than-life life.”

In his lifetime, he achieved 18 chart-topping singles, and his worldwide album sales are estimated at over one billion units.

Elvis died suddenly in 1977 at the age of 42, but not before he made a lasting mark on the world of rock and roll that will never be forgotten.

Watch Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock 1957 in color below: