Emma Stone brought the funny to Saturday Night Live Nov. 12 for her second visit to Studio 8H stage.

Stone has had a spectacularly successful year across the board. From starring in The Help and Crazy, Stupid Love to landing the role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spiderman, her career is on fire.

The natural redhead landed on the cover of multiple magazines, including Elle and Vanity Fair, she was a special guest at Comic Con, and even had herself one of the best red carpet moments of 2011 (Golden Globes, Jan.).

So it is no surprise that Stone would bring it Saturday for her second stint hosting SNL.

Though her monologue was a secondhand rendition of the 2011 Kirsten Dunst Spiderman skit, Stone made it sassy and fresh. She made sure to mention Dunst. I play Spiderman's girlfriend Gwen Stacy, who is a dynamic and brilliant science student. Not to be confused with Spider-Man's other girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, who is a skank and doesn't love him like I do.

Following that, Stone acted opposite Kristen Wiig in the Secret Word game show. Wiig played her recurring role of actress Mindy Elise Grayson, the worst possible Secret Word contestant while Stone played a hilarious rendition of a squeaky-clean Miss America.

Stone's best role of the night was as Wallace, in the skit Bridal Shower Gifts. Stone she played a crass and inappropriate bridal shower guest who speaks in a low, gravelly voice, dresses in a brown-olive pantsuit with 1970s oversize glasses, and eats with her hands. Wallace gives tasteless gifts, makes obscene comments, and invites a bizarre stripper for the bride-to-be.

This scene was especially hilarious because it put Wiig in place of the bride, a different spin on her unlucky role of Annie in the box office smash Bridesmaids.

When all was said and done, Stone performed effortlessly. Her refreshing execution even made up for Andy Samberg's cringe-worthy digital short Wish It Would Rain.

There is no stopping Emma Stone, these days. The actress has proven herself to be one of the hottest, most in-demand starlets in Hollywood. Although, sometimes she takes a moment to slow herself down.

These past two years, I've stopped having to remind myself to be present, which has been the greatest gift, she told Elle magazine for the July 2011 cover.

Because I know it's so fleeting. I'll kick my ass later on if I don't enjoy it right now. But it does make you realize that so much of the joy of it is the journey. The struggle is such a lovely part of it.