Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are back together onscreen for the musical “La La Land.” The film is the third one the two have starred in together, and Stone said the friendship between them has helped a lot in making sure that they give justice to their roles.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Stone said that “it's wonderful” to work with Gosling again since she already trusts him, and she knows how to act toward him. However, the actress admitted that there were also some challenges in terms of shooting the film.

Stone said learning how to dance ballroom was quite challenging, but the feat has made her a better actor.

The two have shared the screen a few times already, and their chemistry is undeniable. Even those who worked with them in different projects have nothing but good things to say about their spark on the big screen. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” director Glenn Ficarra told Entertainment Weekly that giving Stone the role after seeing her interact with Gosling was a no-brainer.

Fans are just as smitten by the two. Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, some fans shared that they cannot wait to see the two together onscreen again, while others wish the Gosling and Stone would take their onscreen partnership offscreen.

“So when is Ryan Gosling going to marry Emma Stone?” one said.

Another theorized that the reason why the two are frequent onscreen partners is because they “secretly love each other.”

While a real-life romantic relationship between the two might likely not happen, fans can at least savor their moments together by watching their movies. “La La Land” will be released in the United States on Dec. 12.

After “La La Land,” fans can catch Stone next in Fox Searchlight's “Battle of the Sexes.” Gosling, meanwhile, will play an undisclosed role in the sequel to “Blade Runner.”