Harry Potter film series alumnus and My Week with Marilyn cast member Emma Watson is back in her home country and studying at Oxford University.

But don't think she's leaving the movies.

I'm studying and really excited about my next projects, she told People magazine at the Marilyn premiere. I can't really talk about them right now, but I am going to try and fit in some film projects next year in between school.

In My Week with Marilyn, the former Hermione Granger plays Lucy, a wardrobe assistant.

I loved it, she told People. It was less pressure, but at the same time it was an interesting role, although it was a small role. I loved the script and loved the story, and I'm very interested in Marilyn, so I really wanted to do it. 

Jill Taylor, costume designer for My Week With Marilyn, told Vogue that Watson was up for a fresh movie look.

She was very excited about the whole thing, Taylor told Vogue. I made her look very Sandra Dee-like, girly and young.

Taylor also echoed what others have said about Watson in the past.

She's a lovely girl and very keen, Taylor told Vogue. I thought I might have a child star brat on my hands, but that wasn't how she was at all. She was interested in everything -- a real sweetheart.