Actress Emma Watson, who grew up on the silver screen, probably expects to be easily recognized, or at least not mistaken for a child, as she was by customs agents at John F. Kennedy airport in New York.

The Harry Potter star related the embarrassing incident that happened as she flew into JFK over the Christmas holidays; she explained on Twitter that she was mistaken for an underage child by airport customs agents, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

“The really sad thing is that this is not the first time this has happened,” Watson tweeted on Dec. 22.

She continued, recounting the dialogue.

“Passport control: ‘Unaccompanied minor?’ Me: ‘Sorry?’” she tweeted.

“Passport control: ‘Where is ur [sic] guardian?’ Me: ‘I’m 22!!!!!!’”

Watson said that the altercation led her to one conclusion: “Never wearing a backpack again,” she tweeted.

Watson’s experience has been re-tweed more than 18,000 times, according to the Huffington Post, with many fans expressing shock that the actress was mistaken as a minor.

“OMG How could that person say to you! You are Emma Watson ... No need to question,” tweeted @artymusician., @femalep, suggested that Watson will be glad when she’s forty.

Other commentators lamented that the agent seems to have jumped to conclusions without first obtaining Watson's passport to confirm her age.

While the actress boasts a youthful appearance, slim frame and short haircut, most airlines allow children as old as 12 to fly alone, according to