After trying to lick up the last bit of yogurt from a plastic cup, a squirrel got its head stuck and needed some emergency assistance in Connecticut.

A group of chuckling emergency medical service paramedics accepted the task of freeing the rodent from its confines using a blanket. The squirrel, blinded by the yogurt cup on its head, had been trying to jump to freedom but had fallen flat each time.


The paramedics, draping a blanket over the animal, were then able to pull the cup off its head after several attempts. They later described the squirrel as “strong as hell.”

A video of the squirrel jumping around with the plastic cup on its head can be viewed below. Read on for some fun facts about squirrels.

  • Worldwide there are more than 265 different species of squirrels. They range in size from species to species. The smallest, at around four inches long, is the African pygmy squirrel. The largest is a three-foot long Indian giant squirrel.
  • When squirrels get scared their initial reaction is usually to remain still and motionless. From there it will frequently jump up or climb a tree.
  • Squirrels living in cold areas of the world need to store their nuts and plan ahead for wintertime. They do that so that, when food is scarce during winter they can return to their stashes of nuts and seeds and have themselves a meal.
  • They can communicate. To do this, they make various noises with their voices and mark trees and sticks with scents. Squirrels also twitch their tails if they are nervous, a signal to other squirrels that something may be afoot.
  • Native Americans honor the little beasts. For them, squirrels are symbols of preparation, trust and thriftiness.
  • Some squirrels live in trees, where they build dreys, a football-sized nest lined with grass and bark.