After four years away, the boys are back, taking Hollywood by storm. The official trailer for the “Entourage” film, based on HBO’s hit televsion series, has landed.

The trailer accomplishes a lot of things in just two and a half minutes, not the least of which is catching the audience up on what Vince (Adrian Grenier), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Ari (Jeremy Piven), Drama (Kevin Dillon) and E (Kevin Connolly) have been up to since 2011. To help ensure fans don’t miss a beat, here’s a breakdown of the five most exciting things about the trailer for the highly anticipated “Entourage” movie.

1. The Boys Are Back

The gang has to be up to something pretty fantastic since fans last saw its members. After all, it would make for a pretty lousy trailer to just see the boys waiting in a room under a bare lightbulb until we fade in.

Naturally, we find Vince living his perpetual celebrity life on a private yacht surrounded by models and other famous people. The guys appear to still be Los Angeles success stories in their own individual rights, making their collective return all these years later that much more exciting, as each is bringing more to Vince’s table than ever before.

2. The Stakes Are High

Guess what? Ari is now rightfully the head of a studio, and he’s ready to make his first big-budget film. Who better to star in it than his client and sort of friend, Vince? Unfortunately for the Hollywood mogul, things with the actor and the boys from Queens are never quite that simple.

When the studio head delivers the exciting news to the actor, Vince makes things difficult by saying that he won’t do another flick with Ari unless he’s given the director’s chair. This isn’t an uncommon request in Hollywood, but it is going to make for some pretty outrageous fodder when the movie rolls around in June. Already, the trailer gives away that the “Entourage” boys are going to be entirely too cavalier about things like, say, being overbudget -- despite having a $100 million war chest.

3. Celebrities And More Celebrities

It simply wouldn’t be an “Entourage” film if it didn’t have a bevy of celebrities for the gang to interact with. While the TV show had its fair share of guest stars, the movie producers are pulling out all the stops and packing into it every recognizable name in the world of entertainment, including music and sports.

The trailer alone features big names such as Jessica Alba, Tom Brady, Warren Buffett, Andrew Dice Clay, Kelsey Grammer, Armie Hammer, Calvin Harris, Liam Neeson, Ed O’Neill, Emily Ratajkowski, Ronda Rousey, David Spade, George Takei, T.I., Pharrell Williams and Russell Wilson, as well as “Entourage” executive producer Mark Wahlberg. It’s unclear whether all these celebrities will be playing exaggerated versions of themselves or specific characters in the flick.

4. Ronda Rousey

As mentioned above, the talented mixed martial artist makes a big appearance in the trailer. Hot on the heels of her role in the “Furious 7” film premiering next month, Rousey appears as herself and the object of Turtle’s affection in the movie. After Turtle follows her car in L.A., she confronts him and acts like she’s going to knock him out. When he identifies himself, she mentions that he used to be really fat. (Side note: Jerry Ferrara looks great in the trailer.)

Later on, to score a date with the champion cage fighter, Turtle suggests that if he lasts 30 seconds in the ring with her, she’ll have to date him. We see only the first three seconds of the bout, but it includes him getting kicked in the chest and be putting into an arm bar. It’s safe to say his remaining 27 seconds in the ring won’t go too well.

5. The Hamster Is Crazy

One of the best moments in the trailer is when Wahlberg shows up to poke some fun at Vince, who is locked out of a dressing room. Luckily, Marky Mark has an entourage of his very own, including a guy named Hamster who is capable of knocking the door down, taking a slap from his boss and being enthusiastic about these things the whole time.

Check out the new “Entourage” trailer below to see what you can expect from the Hollywood boys when the flick hits theaters in June.