width=300Stuck at home or really just don't feel like hitting the gym or health club? Well, some of the simplest and most beneficial workouts can be done with no exercise equipment whatsoever.

Take running for example; I strongly believe it is the best exercise for the body and it requires almost nothing, short of a good pair of running shoes. Obviously, if you are trying to increase muscle mass you need to use some sort of weight to challenge each of the muscle groups. But, if you are looking to tone-up or simply lose weight, below is the perfect equipment-free workout that you can do at home, at the office or on the road. And it is FREE! What's better than free? Nothing!

Benefits of the Equipment-Free Workout:

  1. Improve stamina
  2. Decrease obesity
  3. Decrease risk of heart disease
  4. Decrease risk of diabetes
  5. Improve circulation
  6. Increase muscular endurance
  7. Improve sleep
  8. Increase energy levels
  9. Reduce stress
  10. Reduce high blood pressure

Each exercise below is designed to target a certain muscle group while increasing the heart rate. By keeping the heart rate up, you will burn an enormous amount of calories all while improving your muscular strength and endurance. If you are not able to perform a certain exercise, simply just move to the next one.

I recommend beginning and ending the routine with a ten-minute jog (in place) and hitting two sets of 20 repetitions of each exercise. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Good luck!

The Equipment-Free Workout:

width=80px  width=20px alternating lunge
width=80px  width=20px alternating quadruped lift with opposite side arm and leg
width=80px  width=20px backward lunge
width=80px  width=20px bent arm side bridge and hip abduction
width=80px  width=20px bicycle
width=80px  width=20px crunch with arms across chest and feet up
width=80px  width=20px kneeling pushup
width=80px  width=20px crunch with arms behind head
width=80px  width=20px elbow plank
width=80px  width=20px isometric V sit
width=80px  width=20px lying on back leg raise with flutter kick
width=80px  width=20px squat
width=80px  width=20px squat jump
width=80px  width=20px straight leg raise with hip raise
width=80px  width=20px 1 leg bridge

Reprinted from Dietsinreview