Over 200 countries have confirmed their participation in the World Expo in Shanghai next year, with the European Union (EU) promising to show up for the first time in history.

The EU has traditionally attended Expo’s only within the union. The break reflects the special importance the EU attaches to the China-EU strategic partnership and also reveals the special importance the European business and cultural communities attach to China and to Shanghai, the venue of the World Expo.

The theme of Expo 2010 is Better City, Better Life, with detailed explorations in blending of diverse cultures in the city, economic prosperity in the city, innovations of science and technology in the city, remodeling of communities in the city and interactions between urban and rural areas.

Shanghai 2010 World Expo Executive Committee signed cooperative agreement with six cities in Yangtze Delta region to officially confirm that the six cities, including Nanzhou, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo and Shaoxing, will hold jointly hold the Expo's theme forum.

Expo 2010 Shanghai China, which lasts 183 days from May 1 to October 31, is expected to attract about 200 nations and international organizations to take part in the exhibition as well as 70 million visitors from home and abroad, ensuring the widest possible participation in the history of the World Expositions.