The bloody and teargas-engulfed fights prior to and after England and Russia’s Euro 2016 match Saturday in Marseille were carried out by 150 “well-prepared” Russian hooligans, city prosecutors said.

Before the 1-1 draw to open the tournament, the Russian supporters incited violence in the streets and reportedly inflicted harm on 35 people, with four sustaining serious injuries, according to BBC. Twenty people have been arrested, but none of the accused Russian instigators.

Marseille officials believe the same group is heading to Lille to wage another attack, according to The Telegraph. Evidently, the alleged “hyper-violent” hooligans were known but officials didn’t revoke their passports.

"I don't want to go as far as to suggest these are professionals but they are extreme and well-trained," chief Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin told reporters.

Before 1 A Russian fan hits and England supporter with a chair before the two countries teams squared off in Euro 2016. Photo: Getty Images

The violence erupted outside of Stade Velodrome and left 50-year-old Portsmouth man Andrew Bache in a medically induced coma due to brain injuries. Witnesses reportedly said Russian supporters ignited the incidents by setting off flares in the stadium.

Reports indicate British officers will head to Lens prior to England’s match against Wales, while Russia next faces Slovakia in Lille.

After After the match ended at 1-1, crowds began to clash inside Stade Velodrome. Photo: Getty Images

RT captured video of the violence, seen below, with riot police trying to maintain some order.

Following the match, crowds slowly started to converge and it would escalate into a melee