Good morning dear traders,
how was your trading yesterday? This way I imagine a trading day: you put your orders into the trading platform and go for a walk with your dog. When you come back, the trade is completely running for you.

Is there anything better in trading. The only thing I have to do is to adjust my stop-loss.

This way was my trading yesterday. I made 69 pips in the first run. But there would have been more pips possible.

But we do not want to be greedy, want we? However, maybe 99 % of all traders would be satisfied with 69 pips every day.

I had also another trade in EURUSD, however I was stopped out with 10 pips.

Result of the day: 59 pips.


After a range of 1.3629 and 1.3666 there was some nice short movement into the „South.

In my eyes it was the dream of each trader, when there is some nice trend determining the direction.

One reason for the downward trend of EURUSD might have been the ECB monthly report, with relatively weak expectations for the European economic areal (interest rates, Greece, etc.).

Later on, with bad news of the US industry Euro could win a little bit back.

Finally, EURUSD reached about 1.3560.


How will this trading week go into the final round?
The most important news for today:

07:15 GMT - Switzerland - Producer and Import Prices
09:00 GMT - European Currency Union - Consumer Price Index + Trade balance
12:30 GMT - USA - Building Permits + Housing Starts
13:00 GMT - USA - Net Long-Term TIC Flows
13:15 GMT - USA - Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index

According to these news I would expect some volatility especially in the afternoon.


Over the night EURUSD lost a little bit. Today morning (5:15 GMT) the crosspair is in a range between 1.3531 and 1.3584.


I would see trading chances for long above 1.3595 with take-profit at 1.3660-1.3690 and stop-loss at 1.3545.

For short there could be some chances below 1.3520 with take-profit 1.3485-1.3450 and stop-loss 1.3560.

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„Do your personal market analysis
before you read the analysis of other traders.
Observe how you analyse the markets.
What is clear for you?
What don´t you understand?
Do you always have to understand everything?


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I wish you all the best for your Forex trading today and a wonderful weekend

Berndt Ebner
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Performance April 2010: 257 pips (3 trading days)


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