Good morning dear traders,

aaahhh, that was good.

I did not trade for some days and feel now relaxed in order to take the one or other trading chance in April.

Did you also have a little „sabbatical for your trading?

I think that I did not miss anything the last trading days as I made 70 pips the last trading day in March.

Well, I expected a little bit more, but the final result is determining.

Alltogether that have been 1442 pips in March in EURUSD.

Somehow these numbers are remembering me to 1492 with the discovery of the USA with Christopher Columbus. I do not know why.

Maybe it is the reason that EURUSD is on new downwards ways, when I look to the last traeding days.


After a range of 1.3408 and 1.3356 in the morning there have not been any too spectacular economic news yesterday.

At the late evening the pair reached about 1.3350.


So what can we trader expect for today?

Over the night the cross-pair kept its downward trend.

In the morning (6:15 GMT) the crosspair is in a range between 1.3310 and 1.3350.


It could be interesting today at 6:45 GMT with news from Switzerland (Unemployment rate), followed by the Manufacturing Production form UK at 09:30.

Also the news of the European Monetary Union (Retail Sales) at 10:00 GMT could bring some fresh breeze into the sails.

I would expect some further volatility, especially for GBPUSD, at 12 GMT with the release of the interest rate of the Bank of England.

Followed by the ECB interest rate decision of the European Monetary Union at 12:45 GMT and the speech of ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet at 13:30 GMT.

Thus, today´s trading day could have some interesting trading chances.


I would see trading chances for long above 1.3355 with take-profit at 1.3430-1.3440 and stop-loss at 1.3335.

For short there could be some chances below 1.3305 with take-profit 1.3250 and stop-loss 1.3325.

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I wish you all the best for your Forex trading and Happy Trading!!!

Berndt Ebner