Now those are some really fancy distorting mirrors Evian’s got there.

The water company’s latest commercial, which has received more than 23 million views on YouTube since it was posted on Friday, features adults who see their baby selves in their reflections.

Once one guy stops on the sidewalk to look at himself and starts dancing, more adults -- and babies (duh!) -- join in on the fun.

This isn’t the first time Evian has scored big with its baby advertising shenanigans. In 2009, the company’s “Roller Babies” commercial, which featured roller-skating babies, became a huge success.

Laurent Houel, a global brand director for Evian, told trade publication Adweek that there is a history of its brand being connected with babies, which started in France in 1935.

“Evian was first recommended as a perfect water for babies,” Houel said. “It is still today the No. 1 water used by mothers for their babies [thanks to its pH-neutral mineral composition]. So fundamentally, there is a true link; it is not a marketing trick.”

Well, whatever it is, it’s working. Baby dance party!

Watch the new commercial below:

“Roller Babies” commercial: