With America and its Congress inching closer and closer to the fiscal cliff, politicians are ratcheting up the rhetoric and pulling out all the stops to avoid a budgetary crisis. 

Count former Sen. Alan K. Simpson, R-Wyo., as one legislator who's doing everything he can to avert the budget crunch, including dancing Gangnam Style to promote more what he considers prudent national spending.

In a video for Simpson's "The Can Kicks Back" initiative, a petition for a bipartisan debt solution, the ex-senator and co-chairman of President Barack Obama's bipartisan debt committee issues  a stern message for the Millennial Generation before breaking into dance.

"Stop Instagramming your breakfast, and tweeting your first-world problems, and getting on YouTube so you can see Gangnam Style," says Simpson, who's been out of the Senate since 1997.

To relate to younger Americans, the 81-year-old Simpson stood next to a man in a can costume and imitated the uber-popular Korean pop song by PSY, though his moves more closely resembled lassoing and pushing a lawnmower than executing the patented Gangnam "horse-hop" jig.

For his rhythmic efforts, Simpson certainly deserves style points. His message, though, wasn't just a song and a dance routine. He also urges Millennials to use their social media skills to sign his petition. 

If the Instagrammers and Tweeters don't take action, Simpson warns, "these old cooks will clean out the Treasury before you get there."

Outside of Gangnam style, Simpson and his co-chairman on the debt commission, Democrat Erskine Bowles, have been doling out recommendations to both sides and the president so the nation can avoid financial turmoil.