An embarrassing photo of the U.S. first lady gets a struggling former paparazzo into trouble in the new movie “Snapshot.” Cast member Angela Gots talked about the movie and more in an exclusive email interview  with International Business Times.

The protagonist in the movie is a character called Thomas Grady who plans to sell the highly scandalous photo of the first lady. The character is played by Zack McGowan, who is known for his role in the TV series “Black Sails.” The protagonist is hunted by the president’s men in the movie, in order to recover the embarrassing photo.

Gots plays Arianna Simmons, the love interest of Grady. Talking about her favorite scene in the movie, Gots told IBTimes that there is a “very romantic scene in front of the George Washington Bridge.” She did not reveal much about the scene because “it will give some of the movie away, but it was definitely a scene I had never been a part of before,” she wrote, adding a smile emoticon.

Gots had high praise for McGowan's performance. “Zach was a regular on ‘Shameless’ at the time. I definitely got a sense that he'd explode just by his level of commitment, confidence, great talent and creative generosity. Zach's the kind of guy that can really get along with and find common language with anyone, so I think its easy to have chemistry with him. Great person. There was a groundedness that Thomas, his character, had, that I think is very much a part of Zach's essence.

Gots has also worked on multiple popular projects. She has been a part of the “NCIS: New Orleans” TV series and was also a part of the 2014 hit video game “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.” “I like working in all mediums. What drives me is playing characters that challenge me in a new point of view in some way, expand my idea of the human condition. That isn’t always the case, but that’s what I hope for…” she said.

The actress doesn’t prefer a particular genre and wants to explore more. “I really love all genres, kind of the same way I feel about music, I have no favorite type of music, it's really just what I am in the mood for. Acting-wise, it's really just tapping into that particular mood or genre ... ” she explained. She is now looking to play an action role in the movies and said she wanted to appear in “an apocalyptic 'Mad Max'-type film where I get to shave my head and be a warrior. ... lol.”

When asked what current TV series she would want to be a part of, Gots said that it was “The Knick.” “Visually, the way it's shot, it’s a real art piece, I think. It looks so cinematic. And it really opened my eyes to the history of medicine and how much sacrifice went into it that we so easily take for granted now, how much trial and error occurred,” she said. Gots also added that McGowan’s “Black Sails” “is definitely a fun show to watch! What a fun ride! So happy for Zach to be a part of it.”

Source – YouTube/ October Coast