What could be an awkward way for two exes to meet? There could be many situations, but one of the worst would be flying on a plane with your ex seated beside you. That’s what happened with Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson.

The two found themselves seated together in first class, reports TMZ, as they flew out of Toronto, heading back to the U.S. Although the situation may not be too awkward for the former couple, since Simpson was still able to share a funny post in Snapchat with a picture of himself sitting beside Hadid.  He wrote, "when u get seated next to ur ex on a plane," ending the post with a skull face emoji.

Hadid and Simpson both attended the 2015 Much Music Video Awards in Canada on Sunday, an event also graced by Ed Sheeran, Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Derulo, Carly Rae Jepsen and hockey star Connor McDavid. During the red carpet interview with Hadid, the supermodel told Canada’s etalk that Simpson is one of her good friends.  "My ex-boyfriend is here, I still think he’s cute [blows kiss to the camera] … He’s a great friend of mine." Simpson’s response was cute: “I’ll always love her.”

Hadid and Simpson broke up in May, but remained “friends with no hard feelings and each other's biggest supporters," reported E!News last month. Since then, the supermodel has been linked with longtime friend Joe Jonas, and they were seen “romantically hanging out” together.  During etalk’s exclusive backstage interview with Hadid last Sunday, she responded to the couple nickname "GI Joe," saying, "We’ve been friends for a very, very, very long time ever since I was 13, so, you know,  we’re just taking it step by step, but the media tries to push things sometimes. We’re just trying to figure it out.”

Meanwhile, Simpson is concentrating on his music along with taking up other interests and hobbies such as filmmaking, photography and skateboarding. It seems that Simpson and Hadid still “care about each other immensely,” as revealed by Simpson’s sister, and even continue to visit each other’s families.