Online travel agency Expedia is making users take extra steps to get American Airlines listings after the U.S. airline stopped selling tickets through rival Orbitz Worldwide earlier this week.

American Airlines ticket prices are is no longer displayed in Expedia's initial search results. Consumers must click through to a separate Expedia page to get detailed information on flights and airfares. American is also no longer one of the first carriers to be displayed when consumers make flight queries.

This has been done in light of both American Airlines' recent decision to prevent Orbitz from selling its inventory and a possible disruption in Expedia's ability to sell American Airlines tickets when our contract with American Airlines expires, Expedia said in a statement.

American removed its listings and other features removed from Orbitz earlier this week, saying it needs to cut distribution costs. It also contends the model used by online travel agencies prevents it from offering the lowest possible fares.

An American spokesman on Thursday said the airline would release a response to the Expedia move.

Shaes of Expedia fell 1.4 percent at $26.25 in afternoon trading on Thursday, while AMR shares were down 2.3 percent at $7.77.

(Reporting by Karen Jacobs; Editing by Derek Caney)