Previous game experience and recommendations from friends serve as the best marketing tools for video game purchases, according to one research firm.

On Wednesday market research firm ComScore networks announced the findings to a quarterly cross-platform gamers study, indicating more than one-quarter of gamers using stated that they purchased their last game because they had played it before liked it. Second to this, responses indicated word-of-mouth additionally played a heavy role in game purchases.

The most popular drivers for purchasing games seem to fall into two basic categories - game experience and word-of-mouth, Erin Hunter, executive vice president of comScore's Media said .

These findings underscore the importance of marketing to, and listening to, experienced gamers. Familiarity with a particular game can influence both the gamers' direct purchase behavior, as well others' purchase behavior through positive word-of-mouth.

The study also found that gamers appeal to a broad audience - not just teenage boys as the popular belief holds. On average, gamers are 41 years of age with an average annual income of $55,000, the firm stated.