Australia's top expert on HIV and AIDS has warned of a rolling holocaust facing the world as the pandemic kills two million people each year and many are denied treatment.

Bill Bowtell, the director of the HIV/AIDS Project at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, said millions of HIV and AIDS sufferers are denied treatment as the global financial crisis caused a sluggish response to the pandemic.

AIDS/HIV could be eradicated within four years with enough funding, Radio Australia News quoted Bowtell as saying. If we steady the course and we keep going and get resourced, then we can start to get on top of this great problem.

Bowtell also blamed the rising infection rate to poor reporting of HIV and AIDS cases due to apathy and AIDS fatigue.

Australia's neighbor, Papua New Guinea, has a high infection rate of two to three percent among its young people, so its government needs to raise efforts to prevent the spread of the disease, Bowtell said. He said Australia and other countries funding Papua New Guinea's anti-HIV and AIDS campaign must also raise their efforts correspondingly.