width=268Young people should be vaccinated against the second wave of the swine flu disease since they are the ones who are highly at risk, health experts warned.

Chairman of the World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations and from the Curtin University, Professor John Mackenzie, said that there is a good chance for a second wave but it still remains unknown how big the impact will this cause.

 He also said that the virus poses a particular threat to healthy young adults than to those elderly ones.

Nevertheless, the disease did not mutate into a more dangerous one, although that scenario wouldn't be known until some time into the flu season, he added.

The swine flu hit a year ago, spreading around the world and killing almost 18,000 people. That is less than the usual seasonal flu death toll.

Professor Mackenzie said that the global mass vaccination program did keep the virus in check.

We will be seeing a time when young people should consider vaccination which we do not normally recommend, he told ABC Radio.

The vaccine is now available. It is free and safe.