The CBS TV series “Extant,” starring Halle Berry, will return for Season 2 on July 1 with an episode involving her character Molly's escape from a psychiatric hospital. The season premiere, titled "Change Scenario," is about a series of mysterious deaths that Molly will investigate.

It will feature the show’s main cast, including Berry (Molly Woods), Goran Visnjic (Dr. John Woods), Camryn Manheim (Dr. Sam Barton), Pierce Gagnon (Ethan Woods), Michael O'Neill (Alan Sparks), Grace Gummer (Julie Gelineau) and Hiroyuki Sanada (Hideki Yasumoto). Jeffrey Dean Morgan (J.D. Richter) will join the cast for the new season.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains Extant Season 2 spoilers. Read only if you want to know more. After six harrowing months filled with shocking revelations about her life and the people around her, Molly got confined to a psychiatric hospital. But her troubles are far from over as she discovers that some mysterious deaths have been happening.

This will push her to break out of the psych hospital to investigate the deaths, which sound similar to ones she previously witnessed while in space. Molly will encounter a cop and a bounty hunter named J.D. Richter who is determined to solve the mysterious crimes.

Craig Shapiro and Liz Kruger wrote "Change Scenario," and Dan Lerner directed it. Other cast members include Tyler Hilton (Charlie), Kristina Jimenez (Woman), Anthony M. Bertram  (Ed Kent), Ryan Deal (Lead U.S. Marshal), Toni French (Reporter), Seril James (Aide #2), Christina Chang (Dr. Dowling), David Morrissey (Tobias Shepherd), Stacie Greenwell (Mrs. Kent), Robert James Watkins (Guard), Jamila Webb (Nurse Aziza), Tehmina Sunny (Iris) and Lynnanne Zager (G.I.N.A. voice).

preview of the Extant” Season 2 premiere episode was posted on the show’s official YouTube channel. In it, Molly will realize that she's the reason why humans are on a deadly path. She will work with a stranger named Richter to help save mankind and get some answers for questions that have been haunting her. Unfortunately, teaming with Richter will be difficult because he doesn't believe in aliens.

The "Extant" Season 2 premiere episode will air at 10 p.m. EDT July 1 on CBS.

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