Extreme Foods People Eat Around The World [PHOTOS]

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  • Urine soaked hard-boiled eggs
    Vendor Ge Yaohua passes a bag of hard-boiled eggs cooked in boys' urine to a customer in Dongyang
  • Slaughtered Rats For Sale
    A man displays a rat to be slaughtered for sale at in Canh Nau village
  • Slaughtered Rats For Sale
    Slaughtered rats are displayed for sale at the market of Canh Nau village, west of Hanoi
  • Slaughtered Dogs for Sale
    Dogs wait to be slaughtered in a cage for sale as food in Duong Noi village
  • Slaughtered Dogs for Sale
    A vendor cuts slaughtered dogs for sale at his roadside stall in Duong Noi village, outside Hanoi
  • Raw Camel Liver
    Heads of slaughtered camels are seen on the ground at Tamboal village market in Al Jazeera
  • Raw Camel Liver
    A woman prepares a dish of camel liver at her shop in Tamboal village market in Al Jazeera
  • Cobra Meat
    A worker holds cobra meat after the snakes have been stripped of their skins, at a Chinese restaurant in the ancient city of Yogyakarta
  • Cobra Meat Burger
    A chef prepares a cobra meat burger at a Chinese restaurant in the ancient city of Yogyakarta
  • Roasted Rat
    A young girl eats a piece of roasted rat in battambang, northwest of phnom penh.
  • Turtle Meat
    An indigenous Miskito woman sells turtle meat at a town market in Puerto Cabezas, along Nicaragua's Caribbean coast
  • Roasted Cat
    A cook cuts pieces of roasted cats inside the kitchen of the restaurant Le Zoo chez Felix which serves bushmeat in Abidjan
  • Ox and Dog Penis Dish
    A Chinese woman eats from a dish of ox and dog penis dish at a restaurant in Beijing
  • Roasted Cuy
    Andean women display dish of roasted cuy during guinea pig festival in Huacho
  • Frog Drink
    A skinned frog is dropped into a blender to make a drink popular with working-class Peruvians in Lima
  • Raw Blood Dish
    Raw blood dish is displayed with cooked entrails at a restaurant in Hanoi
  • Fermented Scorpion Wine
    Thai man drinks rice wine with fermented scorpion in Baan Niyomchai.
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All over the world, people of all races consume some of the strangest things imaginable. Here is a list of the most repulsive meals that people eat, considering that the least disgusting item on the menu is urine-soaked boiled egg, a delicacy in China.

Consequently, quite a few countries face a lot of animal rights issues for the immoral killing of normal and endangered animals to satiate their appetite for these rather bizarre eating habits.

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