Since the launch of Google+, Facebook has made various attempts to amending its design and add apps to hold off its new rival.

The latest was an addition of Timeline and Ticker, real-time app and update on news feed, announced at the f8 Development conference.

These apps will expand the private platform to a more public one by exposing whatever activity a friend is taking part in, on the wall.

Users will even be able to see who has removed them from their friend lists.

With the timeline app, users can go back to any date since they joined and check the activities of the friends including status updates, photos and any posts.

The idea of expanding sharing process is  to give more reasons to users to keep coming back to Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has noted the “sharing behavior” of people online, which is growing rapidly.

Farhad Manjoo writes at Slate, “Mark Zuckerberg wants you to share. He doesn't much care if you want to share. Sharing is fundamentally about choosing. You experience a huge number of things every day, but you choose to tell your friends about only a fraction of them, because most of what you do isn't worth mentioning.

This is a move to keep up with Google+. Getting publicity for a post becomes easier with Google+ search engine optimization to increase the ranking on Google searches, search engine marketing keyword ads to drive traffic and on-site advertising solutions ranging from AdSense to DoubleClick.

According to a Sodahead poll, where 1,049 users voted, 86 per cent of the voters “disliked” the Facebook’s redesign and 91 percent of the teenagers voted saying they weren’t fans of Facebook’s design changes.