You're used to seeing your friends' restaurant reviews on Facebook. Now, expert opinions are coming from New York magazine, Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveler, Eater and the San Francisco Chronicle, New York’s GrubStreet reported. The selected reviews will appear on the Facebook pages of thousands of restaurants that have partnered in this pilot program, a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge. From the looks of it, those restaurants skew heavily toward New York and San Francisco -- at least at the outset.

New York's Katz's Delicatessen is one of the initial restaurant partners, according to an image posted by Grub Street showing how the critic reviews will appear on mobile. 




This is the second major push by the social network to engage in editorial curation with media partners. Earlier this month, Facebook released Instant Articles, a program that allows media companies to publish directly onto the social network. Launch partners included the New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic. The company also opened up the feature to all publications but has yet to release an updated list or promote any more content via its Facebook page for ‘Instant Articles’ since launch day.

There appears to be no crossover between media companies on that list and those now included in restaurant reviews. Unlike Instant Articles, Facebook’s curated restaurant reviews will link back to the publication’s host site.